Lisport Roller Hockey Team

The Lisport Roller Hockey team was established in 1983 by the Portuguese Association of Victoria.

Virgilio Nascimento (ex player from Portugal) was the first coach to establish a junior team of players in Melbourne.  The team had great success winning many junior competitions.

The team was re-formed in the mid 1990s and now has a senior team.  Several players have represented Australia at senior and junior level.

Roller Hockey is a traditional sport in Portugal, with the Portuguese team being one of the top teams in the world.  We feel it’s important to continue this tradition.

The team currently trains at Sunshine Roller Skating Centre on Wednesdays, and recently came third in Australia.   The APV assists the team financially with fundraisers to help pay for equipment, registration and other costs.

Lisport Facebook page:

Current players:

Carlos Fernandes (Captain)

Daniel Marin

Paul Pareira

Roger Ramos

Andrew Mateus

Nuno Luis

Ruben Dias

Bruno Rosa

Ricardo Pinto

Manuela Scremin

Antonio Bagina


Lisport circa 2000

Lisport circa 1987

Lisport fundraiser 2018