Portuguese immigration to Victoria started around 1960. Far away from their
families, culture, food and language, this community gathered at each other’s
homes to relive their memories and longings, referred to in the Portuguese
language as “Saudades”.
In 1969 a committee was elected by the participants of this growing group and
the “Associacao Portuguesa de Victoria (APV)” was formally established. A small
building in East Melbourne became the first official club venue.
Since 1969, the APV has found several larger “homes” to accommodate its
growing membership and to facilitate the ability to hold events and gatherings in
their own venue where possible.
In 2016 the current venue at 201 Palm Springs Road Ravenhall was inaugurated.
These facilities achieved the long-held dreams of its founding and current
members and is lovingly referred to as “A Nossa Casa” (Our House).
“Bem Vindos a Nossa Casa” – Welcome to Our House.

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